Inlow Designs-Jewelers
                                                                    The Process of Creation

After the initial consultation between artist and customer we proceed with a sketch that meets the customer's approval. After that a wax model is constructed and can be viewed for further approval. Viewing the piece in "3-D" insures that the customer is satisfied with the end result. 
From that point the wax model is invested in plaster and placed in an oven to remove the wax, thus leaving a void or "impression" in the plaster. The void is then filled or "cast" in precious metal. This process is called "lost wax casting" and has been perfected over thousands of years. This is the same method used to produce some of the world's most famous sculpture. The piece is then finished and the stones are set.
This entire process is very labor intensive and great care goes into each detail.

Inlow Designs-Jewelers also has access to a large variety of premade mountings built to fit any size and combination of stones. 
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