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                                                                                 About Inlow Designs

    In 1970 My Dad moved me and my two brothers to Hudson WI to start a jewelry store. He and my Mom bought a small shop on Main St. and changed our lives forever. My Dad had trained as a watchmaker after his enlistment in the service, and had worked as an apprentice watchmaker in a jewelry store for several years. Eventually he went to work for Honeywell as technician and helped build the guidance gyros for the Apollo Space mission in the 1960's.  One year he went to Houston to help with a launching.
         A few years later He and my Mom bought the building that we ran Inlow Designs from for over 45 years. Eventually my Dad realized that his passion lay in designing and creating fine jewelry. That became the stores specialty over the years.
          My brothers and I all went into the jewelry business, but I was the only one to stay with my Dad over the years. When I think back, all those years sitting next to my Dad working, getting his coffee, making his lunch, and learning his techniques for creating beautiful jewelry, were some of the best years of my life.
          Several years after my Dad retired (at 85!) I began to realize that it wasn't practical for me to run my business alone out of that huge building. And so I've begun a new adventure in a much smaller space. The world changes, and I have to move with it, or it will move without me. I hope to continue Inlow Designs for years to come. I hope you continue to allow me to help you with your jewelry needs. Thank You! David Inlow